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Igor Zaytsev does not direct city stories, but quietly observing the events in anticipation of the desired frame from a risky distance in a metropolis - just a half meter to the object. He does not pry into the keyhole, tracing individual perversions and vices, and does not force his models to pose in a Chinese dressing gown on a creaking couch, hugging“Ogonyok” (the magazine) and a cactus. Igor Zaytsev does not view the city from the height of Stalin's skyscrapers (“Seven Sisters”), where the individual dissolves hopelessly in the common collective body.

"Straight photography" is how the author calls his chosen genre. Its purpose is to capture a person in an urban environment, withoutcasual social masks; a person being truthful and honest.

However, Stalin's skyscrapers often present in the background of Zaitsev's photographs, as well as other architectural objects, by which Moscow can be accurately recognized. But they do not cause critical thoughts and irony, because in the foreground there is a person! A person, who is absolutely unpretentious and not pressed by the city! A person who is not lost in places of mass congestion - in parks, in metro, on street demonstrations. A person free in everything: from public display of emotions to an ironic self-representation, not afraid of side glances of passers-by. A person engaged in an individual life, somewhere in a hurry, but open to adventure and relaxation. A person, who knows how to rest, - a valuable quality for a fast life in the urban metropolis.

The endless rhythm of Moscow life provokes action!

The photographer himself is always ready to move in search of the city's positive! Meeting with Zaitsev's lens does not make viewer conflict or panic. "I'm not a barbarian, not a director! I love my characters, they are not an abstraction for me! I live in one rhythm with them! My characters play the game themselves, communicating with the city space, I do not interfere! "

Text: Tatiana Kondakova